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word association.
• sw au / general alternate universe.
• picture prompt / song lyric.
random scenario.
• honestly i'm down for anything, feel free to get creative! just pls no smut.
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It takes some doing for Jaina to get anywhere right now, considering right now is supposed to just be part of the history books. It's especially hard to get to the X-wings when you mother is years from becoming a galactic leader and there's only one known Jedi. No help from family privileges.

Luckily, she'd had plenty of practice getting underfoot with her brother, and the rebel staging isn't quite so organized as operations would be once the New Republic military got into full swing. She's borrowed a mechanic's jumpsuit and some supplies, and trots about with an armful of tools, trying her best to look like she belongs. Jaina's heard stories of how things were. The need to accept help and resources where available, right down to substituting wood for parts in A-wings.

And she certainly has the skill in engineering to pull of the role until she can find her uncle, though it's R2's familiar beeps and swiveling blue-and-white dome that finally have her zero in on Luke's fighter. No way she would have spotted Luke in his current position.

Jaina juggles the crate in her arms to give the little astromech a little wave, before piping up with a quick "Uncle Luke, need a hand?"
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Well, Han probably did help teach the twins to call Luke uncle. Eyebrows go up, and Jaina affects a little shrug before clunking the crate down. Luke's always been warm, but he seems to wear his heart on his his sleeve a bit more in these younger years. "Okay, I did plan on asking for some help eventually. But, I mean...there's things going on."

Also, she's always wanted to work on an actual X-wing. She's rebuilt a TIE fighter, and done plenty of work on Tenel Ka's little Hapan ship, but Luke isn't putting in many hours in a snubfighter in her time. And Leia won't let her have her own, which is always a shame. She rubs hands together as she steps up to the machine, brimming with enthusiasm.

"How about a little multitasking? I bet we can finish up your work before we've finished catching up."
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When Luke swipes at some grease, Jaina feels like they'll be more in tune than ever. After all, how many times has her parents scolded her for running about with streaks across her face and stains in her jumpsuits? Unless there is a reason to clean up it's more likely she'll just mess it up a bit more.

If she hadn't had to go through this with her own mother, the question would have earned a bit different response. As it is, Jaina raises a hand to indicate herself, and announces with a crooked grin, "Jaina Solo. I'm your niece."
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"There was a little trouble at Cloud City."

Eyebrows have gone up for Luke's tone, which is at once appropriate and...so very not, at least from Jaina's perspective. It reminds her more of how he'd talk to the twins when he'd caught the two years ago trying to salvage a junk droid to do all their chores for them. It's how you address a kid who has wandered somewhere they know they shouldn't, not a teenager who can build her own lightsaber.

Okay, Jaina admits to herself, the distinction might not be so readily apparent. Needing more time to grow up a bit more is normal.

Oh well. In a moment, she's rolling up her sleeves and approaching Luke's fighter to see if she can peek in at his work. "Mom helped me get a shuttle, and things are pretty shaken up around here so I just had to follow...well, my feelings. And a little bit of memory." Trying not to sound like a fanciful youth chattering on.